Tekken 6

“Tekken 6” for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a portable adaptation of the popular fighting game developed and published by Namco Bandai. Originally released in 2009 for the PlayStation Portable, “Tekken 6” on the PSP brought the intense and iconic battles of the Tekken series to a handheld platform. Here’s a detailed overview of “Tekken 6” for the PSP:


  1. Fighting System:

    • “Tekken 6” maintains the core 3D fighting system that the series is known for. Players engage in one-on-one battles, utilizing a combination of punches, kicks, throws, and powerful special moves to defeat their opponents.
  2. Character Roster:

    • The game features a diverse roster of characters, including both returning favorites and newcomers. Players can choose from a variety of fighters, each with their unique fighting style and set of moves.
  3. Bound System:

    • “Tekken 6” introduced the “Bound” system, allowing players to extend combos by bouncing opponents off the ground. This mechanic added an extra layer of depth to the gameplay and enabled more extended and creative combos.
  4. Customization:

    • Players can customize the appearance of their chosen characters using various outfits, accessories, and items. This feature adds a personal touch to the fighters and allows players to create unique looks for their favorites.
  5. Scenario Campaign Mode:

    • The PSP version includes a Scenario Campaign mode, where players engage in a beat-’em-up style gameplay, progressing through various stages while battling hordes of enemies. This mode provides additional content and a different gameplay experience compared to traditional one-on-one fights.
  6. Multiplayer:

    • “Tekken 6” for PSP supports local multiplayer, allowing players to connect and battle against each other using the PSP’s ad-hoc wireless connection.

Graphics and Presentation:

  1. Visual Design:

    • The game boasts impressive graphics for a handheld console, capturing the visual style of the Tekken series. Character models, animations, and stages are designed to resemble their counterparts in the console versions.
  2. Cutscenes and Storytelling:

    • The game features animated cutscenes and storytelling elements that provide context to the battles and character relationships. While the focus is primarily on the fighting gameplay, these elements contribute to the overall narrative.


  1. Positive Reviews:

    • “Tekken 6” for the PSP received positive reviews from both critics and players. It was praised for successfully bringing the Tekken experience to a handheld device and maintaining the core elements of the series.
  2. Portability Factor:

    • The game was appreciated for its portability, allowing fans to enjoy Tekken battles on the go. The ability to engage in multiplayer battles with friends added to the overall appeal.


  1. Continuation of Tekken Series:

    • “Tekken 6” for the PSP is part of the continued success of the Tekken series, contributing to its legacy as one of the premier fighting game franchises.
  2. Handheld Adaptations:

    • The success of “Tekken 6” for the PSP demonstrated the viability of bringing console-quality fighting games to handheld platforms, influencing future adaptations and spin-offs.


“Tekken 6” for the PSP successfully translated the intense and engaging fighting experience of the Tekken series to a handheld console. With its diverse character roster, customizable features, and the addition of the Scenario Campaign mode, the game provided a satisfying and comprehensive package for fans of the series. The positive reception further solidified Tekken’s presence in the portable gaming landscape.

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