Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PS2

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2011” (PES 2011) is a football (soccer) simulation video game developed and published by Konami. Released for the PlayStation 2 and other platforms in 2010, it is part of the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series, known for its realistic gameplay, attention to detail, and strategic depth.


  1. Realistic Simulation: PES 2011 aimed to provide a realistic simulation of football matches. The game focused on delivering authentic player movements, realistic ball physics, and strategic team play.
  2. Master League: The Master League mode, a staple of the PES series, allows players to take control of a team as a manager. The mode involves managing the team’s finances, making transfers, and guiding the team through league competitions.
  3. Player Individuality: PES 2011 emphasized player individuality, with a focus on replicating the unique playing styles and skills of real-life football stars. This included signature moves, behaviors, and playing characteristics for top players.
  4. Improved AI: The game boasted an improved AI system, making computer-controlled teams and players more intelligent and responsive to in-game situations. This added to the overall realism of the matches.
  5. Dynamic Weather: PES 2011 introduced dynamic weather conditions that could impact gameplay. Rain, snow, and other weather elements could affect the ball’s movement and players’ performance on the field.

Licenses and Teams:

While PES 2011 did not have the comprehensive licensing of some other football games, it still featured a broad range of teams and leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The lack of licenses for certain clubs and leagues was often addressed by the PES community through fan-made patches.

Graphics and Presentation:

The game’s graphics on the PlayStation 2, while not as advanced as on newer platforms, aimed to capture the essence of football with detailed player models, realistic animations, and authentic stadium atmospheres. The presentation focused on delivering a broadcast-like experience with accurate player likenesses.

Control and Mechanics:

PES 2011 continued the series’ tradition of providing responsive controls and nuanced gameplay mechanics. Players had precise control over passing, shooting, and player movement. The game also featured a variety of skill moves and strategies that could be employed during matches.


PES 2011 received generally positive reviews for its realistic gameplay, improved AI, and attention to detail. Critics and players appreciated the strategic depth offered by the Master League mode and the individuality of players on the field. However, some noted the absence of certain licenses and features found in rival football game franchises.


While PES 2011 may not have been a revolutionary installment in the series, it remained well-received among fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. The game continued to showcase Konami’s commitment to delivering an authentic football experience, even on the PlayStation 2, and contributed to the legacy of the PES series during the era of the seventh-generation consoles.

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