Metal Slug XX

“Metal Slug XX” is a run-and-gun video game developed by SNK Playmore and published by Atlus. It is an enhanced version of “Metal Slug 7,” originally released for the Nintendo DS, and was brought to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The game was first released in 2009 and serves as a direct sequel to the long-running and popular “Metal Slug” series. Here’s a detailed overview of “Metal Slug XX” for the PSP:


  1. Run-and-Gun Action:

    • “Metal Slug XX” retains the signature run-and-gun gameplay of the Metal Slug series. Players control characters moving horizontally through levels filled with enemies, obstacles, and vehicles.
  2. Playable Characters:

    • The game features a roster of characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. Players can choose their character at the beginning of the game. Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving, the series’ iconic characters, are among the available options.
  3. Weapon Variety:

    • Players can wield a diverse array of weapons, ranging from pistols and machine guns to heavy artillery like rocket launchers and flamethrowers. Power-ups can be found throughout the levels, enhancing the player’s firepower.
  4. Vehicles and Mech Suits:

    • As is customary in the Metal Slug series, players can hop into various vehicles, including the classic Metal Slug tank, and pilot powerful mech suits. These vehicles provide added firepower and protection.
  5. Challenging Enemies and Bosses:

    • The game introduces players to a variety of enemies, ranging from soldiers and vehicles to bizarre creatures. Boss battles at the end of each mission present formidable challenges, requiring strategic thinking and precise shooting.
  6. Cooperative Multiplayer:

    • “Metal Slug XX” supports cooperative multiplayer, allowing two players to team up and tackle the game together. Cooperative play enhances the chaotic and fun nature of the Metal Slug experience.

Graphics and Presentation:

  1. Visual Style:

    • The game features colorful pixel art and sprite-based graphics, maintaining the series’ distinctive visual style. The visuals are well-suited for the PSP’s hardware, delivering a visually appealing and action-packed experience.
  2. Animations and Effects:

    • Character animations, environmental details, and explosive effects contribute to the game’s lively and dynamic presentation. The animations are smooth, capturing the essence of the Metal Slug series.

Game Modes:

  1. Arcade Mode:

    • The primary mode follows an arcade-style structure, with players progressing through a series of missions, each culminating in a challenging boss battle.
  2. Combat School:

    • “Metal Slug XX” includes a Combat School mode featuring various mini-games and challenges. This mode allows players to hone their skills and earn rewards.


  1. Positive Reviews:

    • “Metal Slug XX” received positive reviews for successfully bringing the intense and entertaining Metal Slug experience to the PSP. Critics and players praised the game’s action-packed gameplay, cooperative multiplayer, and faithful adherence to the series’ formula.
  2. Portable Enjoyment:

    • The portable nature of the PSP made “Metal Slug XX” appealing to gamers who wanted to experience the classic run-and-gun action on the go.


  1. Continuation of the Metal Slug Series:

    • “Metal Slug XX” is considered a notable entry in the Metal Slug series, contributing to the franchise’s continued success and popularity among fans of run-and-gun games.
  2. Availability on Modern Platforms:

    • The game’s availability on digital platforms and its inclusion in various SNK compilations has allowed new generations of players to experience the intense and nostalgic gameplay of “Metal Slug XX.”


“Metal Slug XX” for the PSP successfully delivered the classic run-and-gun action that fans of the Metal Slug series love. With its cooperative multiplayer, diverse weaponry, challenging enemies, and visually appealing presentation, the game stands as a worthy addition to the franchise. Whether playing solo or teaming up with a friend, players could enjoy the chaotic and humorous adventures of the Metal Slug warriors on the portable PSP platform.

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