FIFA Street 2

FIFA Street 2″ is a street football video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports Big. It was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006 as a sequel to the original “FIFA Street.” The game is known for its focus on stylish, skillful, and flashy street football gameplay, departing from the traditional simulation style of the main FIFA series.


  1. Street Football: FIFA Street 2 emphasizes small-sided street football matches instead of traditional 11-a-side gameplay. Matches take place in various urban environments, from city streets to rooftops, with unique rules and challenges.
  2. Skill Moves: The game introduces a wide array of skill moves and tricks, allowing players to showcase their flair and creativity on the streets. Pulling off tricks not only looks stylish but also contributes to building up a gamebreaker meter.
  3. Gamebreaker: Successful tricks and combos fill the gamebreaker meter. When activated, the gamebreaker mode enhances the player’s abilities, making it easier to score goals. Skilled use of the gamebreaker can turn the tide of a match.
  4. Climb the Ranks: The game features a World Challenge mode where players create a custom footballer and progress through various challenges and tournaments. As players climb the ranks, they unlock new teams, venues, and customization options for their created character.
  5. Authentic Street Football Atmosphere: FIFA Street 2 captures the essence of street football with small, fast-paced matches, no goalkeepers, and emphasis on close ball control and skill moves. Matches are played in unique and visually diverse locations.

Teams and Players:

  1. Licensed Players: While not featuring full national teams, FIFA Street 2 includes licensed players from around the world. These players are represented in a stylized, caricatured art style to match the street football theme.
  2. Street Legends: The game introduces legendary street footballers as well, known as “Street Legends,” who are unlocked as players progress through the World Challenge mode.

Graphics and Presentation:

  1. Visual Style: FIFA Street 2 adopts a visually stylized approach with exaggerated player models, vibrant colors, and dynamic camera angles to emphasize the flashy and acrobatic nature of street football.
  2. Environments: The various urban environments are visually distinct, providing a backdrop for the diverse locations where matches take place.


The game features a soundtrack with a mix of hip-hop, rock, and electronic music, enhancing the energetic and urban atmosphere of the street football experience.


FIFA Street 2 received generally positive reviews for its entertaining and stylized take on street football. Critics praised the improved gameplay mechanics, expanded trick system, and the overall fun factor. While some noted that the game might not offer the depth of traditional football simulations, it was appreciated for its unique approach to the sport.


FIFA Street 2 remains a beloved title among fans of street football and those seeking a more casual and skill-focused football gaming experience. The game’s emphasis on creativity and individual skill made it a distinctive addition to the FIFA Street series and a memorable entry in the broader FIFA franchise on the PlayStation 2.

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